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From Blank Page to Live Stage. All Within 24 Hours!

One Night Stand is a fast-paced, hilarious behind-the scenes journey with top Broadway, Hollywood and Indie artists. Rachel Dratch, Cheyenne Jackson, Richard Kind, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and many more, take the challenge to produce four short original musicals, from blank page to live stage, all within 24 hours!

The clock starts ticking at 8 pm, when everyone meets and the creative process begins: teams of writers and composers who have never worked together before, choose their actors and create four original 15-minute scripts and scores overnight. In the morning, actors and directors begin rehearsals for the 8 pm, one-night-only performance. Think A Chorus Line meets Project Runway – a glimpse into the creative process with a compressed time frame: the spark, the camaraderie, the sheer panic and the ultimate thrill of expression.

One Night Stand is a unique opportunity to experience the entire process of creating a musical, plus interviews with the cast about how they started their careers on Broadway. Particularly inspiring for theater students, and also widely applicable to students in any field learning to collaborate on creative projects.

When One Night Stand premiered in 450 theaters nationwide, audiences clamored to see the four musicals in their entirety — Here they are.

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